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Aureo & Calicó, Auctions 307-309, 24-26 April 2018

21.03.2018, 22:58

Aureo & Calicó's April auctions take place in three parts. On Tuesday the 24th they will be closing the on-line-only session. On Wednesday the 25th their floor auction will be held; it encompasses all the usual chapters of their catalogues: Ancient, Medieval, Modern and Contemporary numismatics (see some of the highlights below). On Thursday the 26th, finally, the Montoliu Collection will be auctioned. A very special set of coins and paper money issued during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) by local administration (mainly town councils, but cooperatives and worker unions as well) all over the country.

(454-404 a.C.). Ática. Atenas. Tetradracma. (S. 2526) (CNG. IV, 1597). 17,02 g.
s/d. Felipe III. Mallorca. 4 escudos. (Cal. 6, mismo ejemplar, de Felipe II) (Cru.C.G. 4349b, mismo ejemplar). 13,68 g.
1722. Felipe V. México. J. 2 escudos. (Cal. 344, mismo ejemplar). 6,66 g.
1725. Felipe V. Cuenca. JJ. 4 escudos. (Cal. 206, mismo ejemplar) (Falta en V.Q. y Carles Tolrà) (Kr. 334, mismo ejemplar). 13,45 g.
1822. Fernando VII. Madrid. SR. 320 reales. (Cal. 36) (Cal.Onza 1243). 26,94 g.