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Auction House «Rare Coins», Auction 18, 9 December 2018

22.11.2018, 10:41

Auction House «Rare Coins» is regularly organizing numismatic Auctions.

The 18 auction “Superb collection of Ancient, European and Russian coins” will take place on 9 December 2018.

Our philosophy: the highest quality of an item is rarity. And it almost reflects the 18 auction.

At the first part of the auction we collected Ancient and Islamic coins. 38 lots of immensely rare and beautiful coins with perfect provenance (some of them you can see in highlights).

The next part includes Europeans coins. We have 10 amazing lots of rare talers. The main part of the auction are 299 lots of Russian coins and medals. It's worth to mark the collection of wire money and efimoks. You can see a set of roubles of XVIII century by types. Auction can get you opportunity to get wide range of gold coins of XVIII century and Ekaterine the Great. Also you can find classic rarities on our auction: 1 rouble 1807 Novodel (lot 193), 12 roubles 1831 (lot 215), 5 roubles 1832 “from Kolyvan placers” (lot 217).

The pearl of auction is a very special set of photos, gravures and books related to Grand Duke Georgy Mikhailovich and the Main Work of his life in Russian numismatics – «Corpus of Russian Imperial coins». It’s original issue in 13 volumes in extraordinary museums condition. Also you can buy coincabinet manufactured in old technique Marketry.

We will be glad your participation by telephone, proxy (absentee) bid or live via the Internet. In the meantime should you require any further auction information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Attica, Athens Tetradrachm c. 445-404 B.C. AR.
Zeugitana. Carthage. Trihemistater. c. 260 B.C. AV.
Tiberius. Aureus, Lugdunum. c. 14-16 A.D. AV.
Pertinax, Aureus c. 193 A.D. AV.
Uranius Antoninus, Aureus, Emesa. c. 253-254 A.D. AV.