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Ancient and Medival Coins Canada, Auction 1, 1 December 2018

21.11.2018, 10:05

Ancient and Medieval Coins Canada is very pleased to be presenting AMCC 1 on the biddr platform. Our first auction is especially strong in Roman coins, but runs the gamut from ancient Greek to medieval Chinese and everything in between. We cater to all budgets, and bidders will benefit from low starting prices, a low Canadian dollar, and since this is our inaugural auction, less competition as we grow our bidder base. The early bird catches the bargains!

We especially enjoy presenting coins with rich historical associations. For example, see the extremely rare hemiobol of the famous Themistokles (lot 28, 100 CAD start), one of the earliest presumed portraits of Alexander (lot 41, 200 CAD start), a Julius Caesar DICT PERPETVO denarius (lot 121, 700 CAD start), superior examples of the scarce type that best represents the Sack of Rome (lots 279-280), Chinese coins from one of the great Buddhist persecutions (lots 321-322), and a coin of Radiyya, the famous female Islamic Sultan of Delhi (lot 313, 30 CAD start).

Consigning to us: No matter what price your coin sells at, we guarantee you a minimum of 120% of the start price. This allows us to keep starts low, but without the attendant consignor anxiety. Details on our website, or please contact us at

KINGS of PERGAMON: Eumenes I (263-241 BCE), AR Tetradrachm, 16.76g, 29mm (Lot 48, starting price: 300 CAD). An impressive, high-relief portrait of Philetairos. In the Greek and Hellenistic Kingdoms sections, see also the electrum hekte from Mytilene linked to an incident in the Pelopponesian war, (lot 24, 250 CAD start), and a drachm of Maussolos with a particularly lovely obverse (lot 49, 100 CAD start).
L. Cornelius Lentulus and C. Claudius Marcellus (consuls) 49 BCE, AR Denarius (Lot 120, starting price: 500 CAD). The first issue of the civil war on the anti-Caesar side, linked to Cato’s activities in Sicily. See also a beautiful Medusa/Pegasus of Cossutius Sabula (lot 119, 300 CAD start), and in the Roman Provincial section, an Augustus of Philippi featuring Julius Caesar (lot 68, 75 CAD start).
The very rare LON-marked first issue from the London mint: Diocletian (284-305), AE follis, RIC VI 1a (Lot 128, starting price: 300 CAD). Our Roman Imperial section opens with a very special collection focused on the London mint under the tetrarchy, the James Pickering collection. It includes a number of great rareties, marvellously preserved, including three examples of Constantius’s invasion coinage produced in Gaul (lots 125-127), and one of three known examples of an issue in the name of Severus II as Augustus (lot 151, 300 CAD start).
Constantine I, the Great (307-337), half follis, issued 312 - 313 (Lot 268, 75 CAD start). Issued only in Rome, to celebrate the valour of the Gallic legions in Constantine’s victory over Maxentius at the Battle of the Milvian Bridge in 312. The Imperial section continues with a wide range of attractive first to third century bronze and silver with very low starting prices, including a number of emperors’ first issues. Scarce coins abound among the late Roman bronzes, including rare Indian imitations (lots 272, 273, and 310), and an extremely rare issue of Valentinian III under the regency of Galla Placidia (lot 282, 50 CAD start).
Nicephorus Basilacius or Basilakes (usurper), 1078, AE Follis. Thessalonica, 6.59g, 31mm. SB 1890 (overstruck on SB 1854 of Constantine X). One of the classic Byzantine rarities, this coin is a link between the old, pre-Manzikert Byzantine order and the renascent state inaugurated by Alexius I Comnenus. Look also for a Phocas tremissis (lot 285, CAD 100 start) and ex Spahr coins, including a Justinian II Syracuse follis (lot 288, CAD 50 start).
Edward the Confessor (1042-1066), AR penny. Winchester, 1.23g, 20mm. Hammer Cross type, moneyer Leofwold, 1059-1062 (Lot 293, CAD 400 start). The auction’s medieval coins span the globe, from medieval England like this coin (see also lot 296, a very special rainbow toned Treaty-period Edward III groat starting at CAD 150) to rare Islamic coins, and from the Silk Road (lots 311-312 from Chach) to China.
THRACE, Mesembria, c. 250-175 BC, AE22. 8.18g, 22mm (Lot 13). As we mentioned, our firm caters to a wide range of budgets. The lovely coin pictured here starts at only 40 CAD, and the auction concludes with several “Pick-bin” sections containing a wide selection of interesting coins starting at only 10 and 20 CAD. There should be something for everyone! Happy bidding.