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Paul-Francis Jacquier, Auctions 44-45, 13-14 September 2018

23.08.2018, 22:00

Our next auction series will take place on September 13 and 14, 2018.

Sale 44, on Thursday 13, with nearly 1000 lots, covers all of the ancient world (480 lots). Gallic coins to Greek, Roman to Byzantine ones.
Some ancient objects complete the main part of the catalogue.
Last part of this catalogue presents nearly 500 numismatic books. 230 of them are BCD's library duplicates.

Sale 45, on Friday 14, with 952 lots, is a specialized collection of Antoninians from the period 253-294.
This is the first part of the Philippe Gysen collection of Antoninians and other denominations, most of them very rare. With nearly 400 items the coinage of Emperor Probus is particularly documented.
A set of one hundred books about this period ends the catalogue.

As usual, you will access the online catalogues by clicking here in order to place your pre-bids and to bid live.

We are sure that you will find in these auctions lots matching your interest and which will be an asset to your collection.

Good luck in your bidding!

Sincerely yours
P.-Francis Jacquier

RÖMISCHE KAISERZEIT. NERO, † 31 und DRUSUS, † 33, Brüder des Caligula. Dupondius unter Caligula, 37-38.
RÖMISCHE KAISERZEIT. LUCIUS VERUS, 161-169. Bronzemedaillon, Rom, 164 n. Chr.
RÖMISCHE KAISERZEIT. TACITUS, 275-276. Aureus, Siscia 276.
TACITUS, 275-276. Münzstätte Ticinum. Antoninian, 2. Em. 1. Hälfte 276.
PROBUS, 276-282. Münzstätte Siscia. Antoninian, 2. Em. 276.
PROBUS, 276-282. Münzstätte Siscia. Antoninian, 6. Em. 281.