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Auctiones, eAuction #60, 17 June 2018

04.06.2018, 10:10

We are pleased to announce our eAuction #60, which is taking place from June 3-17. This sale is featuring 440 lots of ancient and modern coins.

The ancient section includes a number of Greek, Roman Republican, Roman Imperial and Byzantine coins. We would like to draw your attention to a number of interesting Roman denarii as well as to some rare and remarkable Roman Imperial aurei. The second part of the sale, devoted to medieval and modern coins, is most notable for its series of interesting French, German, British, Italian, Russian and Swiss coins in outstanding condition, however, it covers other areas as well. Last but not least, the auction ends with a group of multiple lots.

Please note that live bidding is only available on our website and requires an active user account. Make sure to register in time.

We hope you will enjoy our offerings and wish you successful bidding!

Your Team

Vespasianus. Aureus, Rome, 69-70 AD, Iudaea capta series.
Caracalla. Aureus, Rome, 205 AD.
Franz Joseph I. AR Doppelgulden 1885, Innsbruck.
Karl Albert. AV Karolin 1732, München.
Nicholas II. AR Rouble 1912.
Bern. Obverse die by J.F. Gruner.
Bern. AV Medal n.d.
Ahmad Shah. 2000 Dinars pattern 1331 AH.