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Welcome to, the auction archive for coins, banknotes and antiques. contains 8'962'060 lots from 8'629 auctions of 310 different auction companies and has been visited 225'264 times yesterday.


Basic- and Premium-Accounts

24.03.2016, 11:49

Since the launching of in 2009, the extent of the database (now close to 3 million) and the web-traffic (close to 300’000 hits per day) have increased steadily. To cover our growing amount of work and expenses, we have therefore decided to introduce a fee-based Premium-Account (annual subscription 85 EUR, two years 160 EUR, one week 15 EUR). The scientific access to the database starting from 1999 remains free: users with a Basic-Account have full access to descriptions and pictures. Users with a Premium-Account gain additional access to price informations and other new features.