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  euainetos 7. Dec. 2018, 10:15

FORGERY - FAKE COIN. Not struck. Short flan, weight too low. Bad details.
  errataprobi 25. Nov. 2018, 04:44

This is an unlisted variant of RIC 666, Alföldi 23.-, which occurs with CONCORDIA MILIT & CONCORDIA MILITVM, p. 89.

RIC 653 is listed exclusively with CONCORD MILIT, p. 87.

Alföldi only lists this bust from officinae T, and VII, so this coin's exact combination is not published.
  Emilio 22. Nov. 2018, 22:27

Recte: Berend 10.27 (D4 bis/R4) - this coin
Because the die # D4 was reengraved by adding the small barley grain behind the young Anapos
  Emilio 22. Nov. 2018, 22:12

Berend 10.27 (D4/R4) - this coin
Ex Bank Leu 48, 1989, lot 69
Ex MuM 37, 1968, lot 125
Ex Hess-Leu, 1954, lot 70
Ex Ars Classica XVII, 1934, lot 232
  Bacon 20. Nov. 2018, 22:56

Ex Auction 15 Palombo , lot 105, officially sold for 11,000 Swiss Francs in 2016 ( )
One further example of the reappearance of the same coin in different subsequent auctions over a relatively short period.
In this case, I cannot fully appreciate the value of re-selling the same item two years later with a loss of US $ 4,500 ( plus hammer premium, plus customs duties, plus VAT, plus shipping costs), save that it was a matter of need , or such kind of operations are closer to a theater play rather than real market.
The world changes rapidly, even in numismatics, who knows...
  rorey36 18. Nov. 2018, 18:31

IBSCC - ID 2220
  rorey36 18. Nov. 2018, 18:29

IBSCC - ID 2220
  rorey36 18. Nov. 2018, 18:28

IBSCC- ID 2220
  CaptainMyCaptain 17. Nov. 2018, 22:31

I want to note two things. Out of Love and Respect for Aureo. Nothing more.
A. This coin is assayer B, and secondly...
that this is Potosi, not Lima. Rincon did not issue coinage of the shield type at Lima, only the Pillars type, thus the 1/4 Real should show an R one side and I the other (the R being a "K" for Karlos and the I for Johanna). The Lima Rincon coinage follows the same early pillar designs as the coinage of Mexico and Santo Domingo. And this Rincon, was no longer active at Lima when the decree to change the coinage to the Shield type began-but had moved to La Plata. That being Alonso de Rincon. (Lima, La Plata and Potosi - but NOT of Mexico. There are three Rincons. Two with the name Francisco, one Alonso. )
The shield type 1/4 Real Lima issues would be either, "X", "D" or "J" (rendered as an I, for 1592 only). Therefor, this coin is Potosi. Again. It can also be noted that this coin, is actually B not R....Either tooled to look like an R, or, just a strike that makes the B appear as an R. But it is without doubt, B. The overall design (Lion especially so) also confirms this.

  npolackw 13. Nov. 2018, 14:57

This coin is a cast fake.
  npolackw 13. Nov. 2018, 14:56

This coin is a cast fake.
  npolackw 13. Nov. 2018, 14:56

This coin is a cast fake.
  npolackw 13. Nov. 2018, 14:56

This coin is a cast fake.
  npolackw 13. Nov. 2018, 14:55

This coin is a cast fake.
  rorey36 12. Nov. 2018, 22:13

First fake Ducato sold at auction. These dangerous fakes, with broken nimbus on Christ, invaded the numismatic market after 2004. None appeared before.
  lazooro 12. Nov. 2018, 21:00

I believe it is: PRINCE ACh
  cippal 11. Nov. 2018, 23:05
  euclide_geoart 11. Nov. 2018, 20:34

It has many signs of a cast.
  numismarc 9. Nov. 2018, 17:45

"BCD kept this coin in his collection for decades, unable to attribute it". Life can be so easy:
  alsadeekalsadouk 4. Nov. 2018, 06:47

al- muaziya al-qahira
المعزيه القاهره وليست عكا
  numis-matic 3. Nov. 2018, 17:19

Pheneos, Arkadien.
  CaptainMyCaptain 3. Nov. 2018, 10:52

What’s a bummer is that this is a 1625.....and easily the best specimen I’ve ever seen of one. This date is so rare it took me
30 years to find one. And I got it from salvaging The Natuna Wreck.....was dumb luck. But the “5” from this period is simply a c with an inward tail. Exactly what you see here. Even more amazing is the fact the shield is completely transposed. Amazing.
Simply amazing.
  CaptainMyCaptain 29. Oct. 2018, 21:51

I realize this coin was withdrawn. I just want to note that it is because it is a very well known cast copy often sold as genuine. Some of these copies, also will show the crack filled in to the edge, in an attempt to either add weight, make the coin look different than all its clones or both. Just keep an eye out for this one. Some of its castings are quite good. But the details all appear much smaller than the genuine coins of 1653.
  CaptainMyCaptain 29. Oct. 2018, 21:45

Just want to note that this is, a 1653/2. :) So whoever owns it, may want to note that this is an overdate.