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  matthewrnyc 25. Mar. 2020, 02:18

This is guangxu not xuantong.
  joha2000 22. Mar. 2020, 23:10

ex Kölner Münzkabinett 42 lot 434 (1986)
  Maurizio 22. Mar. 2020, 17:35

Crawford 343/2b
  Maurizio 22. Mar. 2020, 17:32

Crawford 343/2b
  joha2000 16. Mar. 2020, 23:53

this coin is Zschucke 14.29b illustrated in "Die Bronze-Teilstück-Prägungen der römischen Münzstätte Trier", 2002.
  joha2000 16. Mar. 2020, 23:43

It should be Zschucke 3.4 (not 4.3) (Zschucke "Die Bronze-Teilstück-Prägungen der römischen Münzstätte Trier"). Zschucke called this kind of coinage "Schauquinare". He believe that this coins had rather ceremonial character and were not used as proper currency.
  errataprobi 11. Mar. 2020, 05:31

Another false Calliope, with atrociously bad style. Condemned by leading Probus scholars, kept showing up in other auctions, and finally on eBay. Cut from an authentic coin of Siscia, as attested by the genuine obverse.
  errataprobi 11. Mar. 2020, 05:29

NAC very reasonably and quickly withdrew this coin, as it is a very bad fake, condemned by all Probus experts. As a forgery, it is very intriguing, however.
  Djinnie 27. Feb. 2020, 23:57

It is indeed overstruck on Poseidon/Trident, with A-T control marks, however it's not Hiero II's issue but Syracusan one from 214-212 BC. There is [SYRA]-KoSIW[N] barely visible to the right of the shank, above letter T. Check CNS II 207 type, for these control-marks cf. SNG COP 891. I'm not sure whether there is flying Victory above the prow as this part of the design is overlapping with face of Poseidon > turn the reverse 90 deg. to the left and You'll see forelock, eye, nose, mouth and beard of the deity. I'm not an expert on RRC but maybe it's not 61/6 then?
  Bilbas_Yuri 24. Feb. 2020, 22:05
  montgoej 21. Feb. 2020, 16:35

This is overstruck on a Hieron Poseidon/Trident, like this. Note the very faint "T", a control symbol, I think

Crawford cites a similar Victory sextans overstruck on Poseidon/Triednt in his overstrike table, Crawford 46
  coinshanky 19. Feb. 2020, 21:42

I think the problem here is that there is some shifted doubling obscuring the legend below and up into the date area.

Note how the apparent "I" in DEI looks to actually be struck over a "G". Then further up, it looks the dominant "6" is punched over a preexisting 6 that was slightly further down. The relative spacing is a bit off compared to the I over G... but that could be from die bounce?

Following, I think that "last digit" is actually the last digit from the 2nd strike mushed over into the ornament from the 1st strike. Note too how the circle under the crown clearly shows doubling.

BTW, looking at some of my pics... Sedwick's Auction #7, Lot 887 is, I "THINK", an exact die match to this piece for the monogram side - note the perfectly matching assayer F mark :
  Solachon 16. Feb. 2020, 16:26

Respected Byzantinists, any thoughts on whether this is the coin from the Ratto sale, lot 314 (also cited in the DOC catalogue)? Same dies, the flan and condition are very similar, but the edges of the Ratto's photo seem to be affected cutting before publishing.
  deposito 15. Feb. 2020, 21:39

  deposito 15. Feb. 2020, 21:37

At Vilmar now, sold 1926 also Naville
  deposito 15. Feb. 2020, 21:29

the one for sale at Vilmar now, sold 1934 Ars Classica and 1926 Naville
  chalkites 15. Feb. 2020, 21:05

Date: late IX-early Xth c. Basilios I?
  scalptor 13. Feb. 2020, 11:05

Very rare indeed
  Denia 13. Feb. 2020, 10:20

Esta moneda es falsa, se trata de una moderna falsificación bastante bien lograda. La moneda no fue vendida pues nos dimos cuenta a tiempo del engaño. En nuestra subasta de 12-12-2013 pueden apreciar un magnífico ejemplar de esta singular moneda. José A. Herrero.
  montgoej 13. Feb. 2020, 06:21

This is actually a "staff and feather" series denarius, Crawford 130/1
  JanB 11. Feb. 2020, 02:40

A later cast copy. See Fehlmann/Kraut/Schaffner/Matzke "A'll antica, Die Paduaner und die Faszination der Antike", Battenberg Verlag, page 202, nr II.31.I.
Same dies (!), same markings (for instance the pit right to the M in the reverse legend).
  MarouaneDanni 7. Feb. 2020, 11:25

IBRAHIM BEN HUSSAIN ابراهيم بن الحسين
  Marielle1409 24. Jan. 2020, 11:13

Dear ivanzdravkov, we thank you for your remark. Incorrect rarity indication has been modified.
  Marielle1409 24. Jan. 2020, 11:12

Dear ivanzdravkov, we thank you for your remark. Incorrect rarity indication has been modified.
  Marielle1409 24. Jan. 2020, 11:11

Dear ivanzdravkov, we thank you for your remark. Incorrect rarity indication has been modified.