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01.11.2016, 18:37 Minor update of the search results list: A click on the preview image now directly opens the enlarged image, whereas a click on the description opens the full details view as usual. Additionally, we've added the auction date to the search results list as well. We hope this update helps to browse and compare results even faster.
11.10.2016, 19:47 CNG is back: We are glad to announce that the CNG auctions are back online on
24.03.2016, 11:51 Digitalisation of old auction catalogues: we have been working for several months on adding old auction catalogues to the database to facilitate pedigree research. So far, we have digitalized 121 catalogues from 1901-1938 with more than 60’000 coins. All these entries are included to the full-text search and are at disposal to users with a Premium-Account. We will also continuously be adding more catalogues during the next months. If you would like to participate in the project by donating pre-1999 catalogues (especially complete series), please contact us by email – we greatly appreciate any assistance.

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This is a coin of Rome, and the mark is Rε. The epsilon can be seen between the ... errataprobi - 15.08.2017, 06:28

This is a coin of Siscia, RIC 776, p. 101. Cf. Alföldi 73/49. errataprobi - 15.08.2017, 05:28

Wrong obverse for this reverse, photo of reverse has been mixed up with: https:/... errataprobi - 15.08.2017, 04:35

This is one of the many variants of RIC 779, p. 102. A coin of Siscia. errataprobi - 14.08.2017, 08:12

Since this is marked RB, rather than with any marks of Cyzicus, this is RIC 204,... errataprobi - 14.08.2017, 07:31

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