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Forvm Ancient Coins

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Trikka, Thessaly, Greece, c. 465 B.C.

Certificate of Authenticity issued by David R. Sear.During religious games, the young men of Thessaly participated in bull jumping and bull wrestling. In bull wrestling, participants would jump from a horse, naked save a chlamys and cap, to bring a bull down to the ground. The obverse shows a wrestler bringing down a bull and the reverse shows the horse running free after the leap was made. The game may have originated in Asia Minor and then travelled to Crete, where it is known the people of Thessaly learned the sport.

13373. Silver hemidrachm, BMC Thessaly to Aetolia p. 51, #9; Kray pl. 21, 378; Dewing 1421, SNG Cop 262, S 2226 (all with varying forms of the legend), nice VF, Thessaly, Trikka mint, 2.938g, 15.9mm, 0°, c. 465 B.C.; obverse naked Thessalian youth standing right, restraining forepart of unruly bull prancing right; reverse TP-IK-K-A, forepart of bridled horse prancing right, within incuse square; grainy surfaces; rare; SOLD