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* If you search for a certain auction, the results are sorted by the lot number.

** If you search for a certain auction, the search engine chooses the lot number over the search term. If you do not enter a lot number, the search engine uses the search term. To search for a complete auction, do not enter any lot number or search term.

Search Manual
Important: do not use a space between the operators +, - and * and the connected words.
+ A + (plus sign) before a word specifies that the word must show up in the records. The search is programmed to use the + before each search term automatically.
- A - (minus sign) before a word specifies that this word must not show up in the records.
Example: aureus -augustus will search for all records including the word aureus but lacking the word augustus.
* The * (asterisk) serves as wildcard and must be attached to the end of a word. It will match the words that start with the term before the operator *. A wildcard will be added to each word of 3 letters or more automatically.
Example: sest* will find all words starting with sest, so both sesterz as well as sestertius.
(...) Brackets do form search subgroups. They can be interlaced.
Example: augustus (denarius aureus) will find all records including the words augustus and denarius or augustus and aureus.
"..." A word order in quotes only matches records that include this exact word order.
Example: "RIC 152" will only find records that include RIC 152, but not those that include RIC: 152.
The different operators can be combined.